Saturday, 16 June 2012


Did you enjoy this project?
yes, I liked it a lot1372%
yes, it was OK for me528%
so so00%
not really00%
not at all00%
Did the project help you to learn about other countries and cultures?
Yes, alot1478%
Yes, I think so.422%
Not much00%
Not at all00%
Did you make some friends from the other countries?
yes, a lot1056%
yes, but only a few422%
I don't think so422%
Did you attend a chat session? If yes, how was it?
yes, it was wonderful1267%
Yes, it was OK16%
Yes, but it was boring16%
No, I didn't attend a chat session422%
Did you have a chance to travel and discover new places?If yes, how was it?
yes, and it was really great.1583%
yes, and it was OK317%
Yes, but it was meaningless and I didn't like it.00%
Yes, it was enjoyable but I didn't learn anything00%
Did you prepare a powerpoint presentation for the project?
yes, I did.1794%
no, I didn't16%
Did you take photos for the project?
Yes I did1794%
No I didn't16%
Did you record any videos for this project?
yes, I did.1267%
No, I didn't633%
Did you visit any museums dor this project?
yes, I did.1583%
No, I didn't317%
Were you awarded personally because of your nice work?
Yes, I was.1794%
No, I wasn't.16%
Did you learn any foreign language sentences or phrases?
yes, I did.1689%
no, I didn't211%
Do you want to join such kind of e-twinning project in the future?
yes, I do.1689%
no, I don't211%
If you would like to add something, please feel free...
Thank you for all the partner's contribution...I enjoyed a lot and everybody loved it. I had a chance to see different places. I improved my history and geography knowladge... Emrecan Erçin class 9Abu proje cok guzeldi çok sevdim bu proje çok eğlenceli ve güzel di bu projede olmak çok eylenceliydiı love this project and mr haspolatso much fun to work on this projectI think that I'm very lucky to be in the project and Many thanks to our teacher Mr. Haspolat.THANKS a lot of fun MR.HASPOLAT projectThis project was very niceThis project was very niceThis project was very niceje crois que cet pro...
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