Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dissemination- 2012 Berlin Conference

 Our Project (Ancient Rome in Your Modern Town) was presented in
2012 E-twinning Berlin Annual Conference

In the first picture You can see Our town's e-twinning embassador while holding a Roman Dish with one of our project e-twinnies. The writing next to them is meaningful. (E-twinning, share what you have)

The second Picture,

Turkish Scool Team Leader, Mutlu Haspolat is putting a poster on the board.

 Third Picture: Our project outcomes from our school trips to Ancient roman Settlements

Fourth Picture

Mutlu Haspolat (One of the founders of Ancient Rome in Your Modern Town Project) and Turkish NSS Team at theTurkish Stunt.

Fifth Picture:

Our Students Works and pictures on the board...

Sixth Picture:
In the poster of cooking team you can see our school manager and Burdur's e-twinning ambassador (Turkish Team) with students after the cooking activity...

Seventh Picture

A lifetime picture with great e-twinners..

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