Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dissemeination- December 2011 Antalya Conference

Our Project (Ancient Rome in Your Modern Town) was presented in
December 2011 Antalya E-twinning Conference in Turkiye

First Picture

Mr. Mutlu Haspolat one of the founders of the project "Ancient Rome in Your
Modern Town" is reparing the stunt in the national e-twinning conference.

Second Picture
A view of the stunt; on the board are the pictures of two projects "Ancient Rome in
Your Modern Town" and "Home Sweet Home"(last year's e-twinning project).

Third Picture
The minister of Turkish Education Technologies is visiting the stunt. Mr. Haspolat is informing him about the projects' activities. After the informing process, he congratulates the works.

Fourth Picture
Mr. Haspolat is presenting the Project "Ancient Rome in your Modern Town" to the teachers coming from all over Turkiye

Fourth Picture

A view just before the conference...

Fourth Picture

A view from the "Fun Talent Competition" in the last evening of the Conference.
Mr. Haspolat is imitating one of the famous Turkish singer.
Deep note:)) He won a flash driver:))

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