Saturday, 16 June 2012

Greek and Latin teacher MARTA PENA from SPAIN shares her valuable ideas and comments with us

When I started this e-twinning project, I was really looking forward to working with teachers and students from other countries, and I have to say it has lived up to all my expectations.
Although the development of the project with my students hasn’t been as perfect as I would have liked, perhaps due to my and their lack of experience, it’s been really nice and worthwhile.
They have met other people interested in the same things, even in the same subjects they are studying, with different cultures or ages, who consider exotic something they are really used to: Roman civilization. It’s been a chance to show what they know about them and the archeological sites around their city, but also an opportunity to remember that Romans were not only in Spain but in many other countries. They were surprised with videos and pictures from Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.
And what can I say about me? I don’t have enough words to thank Mutlu, the Turkish teacher, everything I’ve learnt from him, not only about the work in the project but also about his enthusiasm for teaching. Watching his videos and talking very often with him I already know how could I involve my students in other activities in order to make them enjoy their studies. Without realizing, he has been a perfect teacher for me, and then a good friend.
This is one of the things I liked more: teachers working together sharing not mainly their knowledge but their humble way of seeing teaching, so, always learning from each other, not only professionally but personally.
I’ve never thought I could have students so far! I love my new Turkish students. I know they have enjoyed and learnt a lot with the materials I sent and this is very fulfilling and rewarding for a teacher.
I can’t wait for the next E-twinning or the Comenius we have applied for. These activities are like fresh air in our classrooms for students and teachers.

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