Friday, 8 June 2012

Listen to the Spanish Students...

Spanish students'comments about the project

From Marta B. and Zaida M.

We’ve found this project very interesting as we’ve known a very different culture from ours and we have met people from other countries. Besides we have been able to show how beautiful our country and our city are.

From Marcos David P.

I consider the e-twinning project which I’m taking part in this year very interesting because we have learnt a lot about new cultures. I liked the postcards we received very much and I enjoyed making some for our partners. I’d like to do another project next year.

From Claudio M.

With this project I’ve liked knowing different cultures and the history of each other that our common ancestors left in several sites of every country which has taken part in this etwinning project. I am also happy with meeting people from other countries.

From Rubén A. and Rubén G.

I believe that this project has allowed us to know the culture of other countries, as Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Besides, with the work we did, taking pictures, we realized the big amount of remains and the importance that the Greek and Roman architecture has in our city. With the visit to the archaeological site of Segobriga, we could also know the important site of an older Roman town in our province.
We also loved the cards received from the other students to wish us a new year, specially the Turkish students’ cards, who sent us one for everyone of us.

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